Al De Baran Legend of the Werewolf Quest Answer Hannesson Winter Minstrel

Hannesson Winter, Bard in Al De Baran will ask you questions to answer in order for him to give you the quest. Here are full list of questions and answers for this quest.

Question 1: In the story of Shahelly, What was the job of the man Shahelly loved?

  • Knight
  • Assassin
  • Mage

Question 2: In the story of Solo Took, what was the title of Solo Took?

  • The Raging One
  • Slaughterer
  • Hunterkiller

Question 3: In the story of Star Marks, who did Star Marks tried to kill with a knife?

  • Young Dawin
  • Young Commander
  • Young Kinshin

This quest will open if you are level 92. The correct answer are highlighted or AAB.  After that, you need to kill 300 Black Witches in the Clock Tower 1F.  Winter will ask another quest to collect Witch Star Dust. This will unlock Strong Shield in Equipment Craft in Al De Baran

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