Al De Baran Mogarda Time Quest Answer Hannesson Winter Minstrel

Another 300 300 300 bard quest will be opened when you reach level 91. The bard is located at Al De Baran beside the Lucky Shop. Before he will share the story, he will ask new some questions.

Question 1: In Ysmir's story, what monster did Hand in Shadow destroyed?

  • Garm
  • Doppleganger
  • Dracula

Question 2:  In Los Rabil story, what organization did Los Rabil join in the end?

  • Adventurer's Guild
  • Hand of Goddess
  • Assassin's Guild

Question 3: In Gain Noth's story, who wa the girl Gain Noth loved?

  • Laiyinasi
  • Doctor Noya
  • Che

The corect answers are highlighted or CBC. After answering the you will be given a new quest where you need kill 300 Puck. This quest will unlock new recipe called Mystery Gloves Flashing [1] aka Berserk [1].


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