Al De Baran Mosman Time Quest Answers to Hannesson Winter Minstrel

Reaching base level 93 will unlock this quest from Hannesson Winter, this Bard is located near Lucky Shop in Al De Baran. Same with other two quest bard quest from him, he will ask you questions before giving the quest.

Here are the answers to his questions.

In the story of The Nameless One, who decided to dedicated their life to surpassing The Nameless One?

  • Assassin Cross Eremes
  • Los Rabil
  • Ysmir

In the story of King Schmidt, what was the most elite army under Schmidt's command?

  • The Royal Guard
  • The Royal Guardian
  • The Royal Guardsman

In the story of Kooca the Sabertooth, where did Kooca want Ruud to seek help from?

  • Morroc
  • Prontera
  • Geffen

The correct answers are highlighted or ABC. After giving the correct answers he will ask you to kill 300 Elders from Clock Tower 2F. 

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