All About The Fourth Angel Pet Stats and Skill in Ragnarok Mobile

Sachiel is here. But its not the Angel we know in Anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion. Here in Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love, he is a lovable pet, called The Fourth Angel. 

The Fourth Angel pet is only available if you buy the new Eva Joint Event Premium in  Recharge shop for 128 BCC.

This cute pet is quite expensive to obtain however, its worth raising it. Here are the skills of The Fourth Angel Pet.:

Crimson Cross (Active Skill)

  • Deals Holy Dmg equal to Atk * xxx% to single target with a 22% chance to make the target bleed for 5s. 

Treasure Hunt (Passive Skill)

  • Increase the chance to gain rare chests in adventure by 1%-10%. (increases 1% per level)

Labor: Pet Association II (Passive Skill)

  • Increases working efficiency by 1%-10% at the Pet Association. (increases 1% per level)

A.T. Field (Passive Skill)

  • Increases pet and master's Dmg Reduc. by 0.5%-5.0%.  (increases 0.5% per level)

Destroyer of Mankind (Passive Skill)

  • Increases Dmg dealt to Demi-human by 0.3%-3.0% for both pet and the master. (increases 0.3% per level)

It's food is available in Pet Material Shop for 200 Colorful Shells called the Forbidden Pet.


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