Gingerbread Christmas Story Quest Answer Medwin Kapp Minstrel

Reaching Level 95 will open all 3 quests from Medwin Kapp, Gingerbread City Bard/Minstrel. He is standing near Amazing Toys Shop near the bridge going to Al De Baran. Out of his 3 quests, only Christmas Story need answers. Follow this guide.

Question 1: Qhat would the children hang on the bedside on Christmas Eve?

  • Stocking
  • Hat
  • Trousers

Question 2: What is the main course of the Christmas dinner?

  • Pearl Fowl
  • Turkey
  • Plymouth Rock

Question 3: What is the name of the monster that punishes bad children in Christmas?

  • Fenrill
  • Krampus
  • Galm

The correct answers are highligthed or ABB. Enjoy.

Giving the correct answers will unlocked the quest and you will need to kill 300 cookies from Toy Factory 1F.

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