Glast Heim Hall Baron Evil Quest (Elite Quest) in Ragnarok Mobile

One of the quests that is required in opening the Devil Wing in Creste's Royal Medal shop is Baron Evil. It's one of the Hidden Truth Elite Quest. 

To start, You need to find and click the red candle at the upper left side of Glast Heim Hall, near the portal to trigger the quest.

A Horong will appear afterwards and you need to defeat 3 Angry Knight Souls. Then the Birth Riddle quest will appear and you need to answer questions from Scheider, the horong. The answers are Horn, Temple, Fade Away or ABC. 

A new quest will appear where you need to collect Cramp blood from Cramp. These Cramps are in Glast Heim Hall and Glast Heim Culvert.

Give the 40 Cramp blood to Scheider and recieve rewards.

In The Last Poem quest you need to light up the 7 Lampstands and to do that, you need to answer the question in each Lampstand. Here are the correct answers; starts from right Black lampstand, Black lampstand, Black lampstand, White lampstand, White lampstand, White lampstand, Red lampstand or C C C B B B A

That's all for Baron Evil Quest.

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