Glast Heim Hall End the Mission Quest (Elite Quest) in Ragnarok Mobile

One of the Elite Quest under Hidden Truth that is required in unlocking Devil Wing Blueprint is End the Mission quest. 

Find and click the Shiny object on the floor to start the quest. 

In Tyrant's Tyranny, you need to answer Haidamu questions.

How is King Humizz?

  • Still ruling
  • Already died
  • Defeated by rebels

Is the Glast Heim still holding?

  • In ruins
  • Prosperous
  • Hasn't change a bit

Is the Glast Heim Hall taken over by evil forces?

  • Baphomet
  • Bloody Knight
  • Zherlthsh

Correct answers are highlighted or C A A. After that you need to collect Joker' Sting and Wanderer' Bone from Joker and Wanderer respectively. 

When you reach the riddle above, just click ramdom Stele and wait for it to glow. And kill the Zealotus. Go outside and submit the quest to Haidamu and you're done.

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