How to Get Gold Snake Eye in Ragnarok Mobile

Gold Snake Eye is an item used to purchased Weapons from Preto in Al De Baran, near the portal entrance going to Clock Tower. You can buy rare weapons for all jobs in that shop. He has all the variety of Ouroboros weapons that includes; Ouroboros Spear, Ouroboros Sword, Ouroboros Staff, Ouroboros Blade, Ouroboros Katar, Ouroboros Bow, Ouroboros Hammer, Ouroboros Axe, Ouroboros Shield and Ouroboros Boxing Gloves. Each weapon cost 1 Gold Snake Eye.

How to get Gold Snake Eye? Follow this guide.

Gold Snake Eye is a reward in completing a quest. This quest will unlocked after finishing Al De Baran Black Hole's Threat Quest Collect Time Shards in Ragnarok Mobile. It's a long quest because it takes 5 days to collect all Time Shards. 

Once you complete the above quest, Mosman Time will give you another long set of quests. In one of his quests, there's a quest called Gold and Blood. Finishing it will give you Gold Snake Eye.

Take the quest from him.

In the quest you will encounter some of this challenges. Finding the real body of Nightmare illusions. As you can see Roman numbers I, III and X are highlighted that means you need to kill the nightmare illusion number 1, 3 and 10.

Another challenge is to kill Time Holder at the left side of the map. If you click the Alarm, it will give you hint which Time Holder to kill.

After that, watch a battle between NPC and watch their version of Kame ha meha wave. lol.


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