How to unlock all assistant in Ragnarok Mobile Episode 5

Unlocking assistance opens new shop using the new currency Assistance Medal of Honor. This currency can be stored in your Kafra, that means your alt characters can share it. Shop contains valuable and handy item such as Gold Medal, Praying Card Pack, Mora Coin and other Boss and event rare drop.

Assistants office is next to Food Association located inside the north of Prontera and its called The Room of Choice.


  • Kamilia and Detura is open once you reach base level 20. You can buy Food pack and x2 EXP, JOB booster.
  • Miller and Coco can be unlocked after finishing the Day 5 of Midnight Party Expansion event. Requires base level 80. If you haven't completed the event, you can purchase the coupon for 100,000 zeny each. The NPC is located in Prontera named Mitt, Official Events, the same npc where you exchange Mastela Fruit. These assistants unlock Guild materials like Gold Medal, Praying Card etc and Refining materials such as Mora coins, Oracle dust, etc.
  • Stefanie can be unlock once you finish her quest inside the Assistant room.
  • Starlot and Lenna open after you finish the  Growth Plan VI in Upgrade Plan tab. You can buy supplies like Arrows, Holy waters and other rare materials
  • Isfiled and Connie coupons are given free once you finish the version challenge EP4.0. You can buy rare chest, mysterious chest and Breath of Death  or BoD.
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