Idun Glast Heim Quest (Awaken Ritual) Answers

One of the quests in Glast Heim named Awaken Ritual requires you to chant a spell to revive something after killing Alice. This Wild Rose Cat NPC is located at the lower center of the map. You need to answer correctly to continue the quest, otherwise you will end up killing Alice over and over.

Awakening Spell I

  • A. Beyond the extreminty
  • B. The sky of extremity
  • C. The wisdom of extremity
  • D. The eye of extremity

Awakening Spell II

  • A.The sky of wisdom
  • B. Thousand Li of wisdom
  • C. Waves of wisdom
  • D. The light of wisdom

Awakening Spell III

  • A. The bliss of earth
  • B. Earth Shakes
  • C. The voice of earth
  • D. Waves of earth

Awakening Spell IV

  • A. The awakening light
  • B. Wave Wakes up
  • C. The wind wakes up
  • D. The sky wakes up


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