Toy Factory 2F Toy Carnival Quest Answers in Ragnarok Mobile

Toy Carnival Quest starts with Red Hat Captain, he is located at the left most of the map. This Cruiser will give you challenges,

First Question:

  • X

Second Question

  • X, O

Third Question

  • O, O, X

Afterwards, you will need to proceed to Matchmaker Doll, a Rideword. Then talk to 3 companions, the Red Hat, Green Hat, and Zipper Bear. And then, you need to find the 3 dolls, the Zipper bear doll, the Red Hat Doll and Green Hat doll.

After finding the 3 dolls, submit it back to Matchmaker Doll. Then proceed to Frenzy Bone, an Orc Baby. This challenge is simple, you just need to remember Orc Baby's position, go to its position and you're done. 

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