War of Emperium Guide in Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

 What is WOE?

War of Emperium (WOE) is part of the feature in Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love which presents a war between guilds fighting over castle. This war between guilds can only be done by players who have a guild. The duration of WOE is one hour. The guild that has successfully conquered the castle will get a reward, in the form of treasure box containing an Artifact fragment. This artifact fragment is used as an ingredient to make God’s Weapon. Each town has different Artifact fragments so make sure you match the guild’s requirements to make God’s weapon desired.

WOE entrances are located in different cities and field. Entrances can be found in Prontera South Gate. Prontera, Prontera West Gate, Payon Town, Goblin Forest and Al De Baran

How to play WOE?

  1. Conquer the castles located on different cities and fields with a castle flag.
  2. Players should have a guild and should be in the guild channel in order to conquer a castle.
  3. Players who doesn’t have a guild can still join WOE but cannot damage or heal Emperium.

How to win and conquer?

For Attackers: Locate and break the Emperium. The guild who can last hit the Emperium will be temporary defender until the WOE period has ended.

For Defenders: Defending it for 15 mins (Without any harm) will automatically make you the winner. Or defending it until the WOE period has ended.

If your guild already owns a castle, you are automatically the defender.

Things you should know:

  • The winner of the WOE will own the castle they conquered.
  • The castle flag will display the guild emblem and guild info.
  • Each guild can only own 1 Castle.
  • Guild Leader or Guild co-leaders may give up the guild castle by talking to the Guild Keeper.
  • There will be 2 WOE every week.
  • You can have up to 6 players in a party.

Items that are Banned in WOE:

  • Fly Wings
  • Transformation Scrolls
  • Tickle Bars
  • Food Placement
  • Summoning tools

Skills that are Banned during WOE:

  • Warp/Teleport related kills
  • Play dead

During War of Emperium:

  • All classes will have +400% HP
  • No knockbacks
  • There will be cooldowns before someone can resurrect you
  • You can still use Yggdrasil Leaf to resurrect others even I you’re silenced.
  • Force Expel: After the Emperium is broken, everyone except the guild who broke it will return back to the saving point. Or if you die inside you will return back to saving point after a few seconds.
  • If you die 2 times in less that 15 sec. interval, Revive cd +5 seconds. If you didn’t die within 30 sec, revive cd will reset to 0.
  • You can use normal map recovery items like Yggdrasil, Honey but recovery amount is calculated according to your HP in a normal map.
  • Recovery items from Black cat café (Guild Hall) will recover according to WOE or PVP HP amount.
  • Manual Expel: Click on the dead player’s body to manually expel them, sending them back to save point.


  • Holy Element
  • Large Size


All rewards will be sent by email.

  1. All players that participate will get 2* Random Chest and 100* Proof of honor
  2. If you participated and won you will get 2* Random Chest and 1200* Proof of honor.

Chest contains artifact pieces and artifact materials.

Preparing any class for WOE:

  1. Bring sufficient healing items and SP items. Don’t rely on your priest that much.
  2. Double check your gears to make sure you have equipped the right items.
  3. Have good coordination and communications.
  4. Be familiar with other job skills.

Basic roles of classes in WOE:

Priest or other buffer/debuffer - They seem pretty self-explanatory. Heal, Buff, Resurrect. Position you self away from the killers while doing your thing…

Ranged class - Used to kill or weaken the enemy while they are coming to the Emperium room. If you’re depending, never stay near the entrance just keep sniping them from a distance. If you’re attacking, let the tankiest go first. Follow and snipe.

Wizards - Its all the same with ranged class but I suggest for Guild Masters to set different skills for wizard when defending the Emperium. Atleast 2 for each element. 2 Meteor storm, 2 Lord of vermillion, And so on. and keep spamming it in the entrance of the Emperium room even if there’s no one there.

Melee – Kill anyone right next to you. This class stays around the entrance, right next to the Emperium, or scattered around hunting players especially the one hitting the Emperium. Pretty much protects everyone by killing everyone they see. But prioritize those who are near the Emperium.

Paladin – You should be the first one to go inside the portal’s to tank the initial damage. You are the frontliner and you can use devotion to protect you glass cannons class.

Classes with high survivability should go first r protect your team in anyway possible. You are the distraction so your team can follow up.

Basic strategy for offense:

  • Send knights, tanks, distracters right and disrupt the pre-casters like wizards casting AOE skills in the entrance.
  • Rest of the team follow up and use long range to weaken them.
  • Killers should focus on wizards first.
  • While the fight is going, Breaker should sneak by to break the Emperium. Distract defenders by attacking the Emperium.
  • Protect breakers until they break Emperium.

Basic strategy for defense:

  • Assign wizards to cast AOE skills n the entrance to slow, weaken or kill enemies going in.
  • Tanks should be on the front lines.
  • Anyone who has debuffs skill can spam it in the entrance.
  • Send classes to roam to hunt enemies.


  • Demi-human or Human Race (Hydra Card)
  • Medium Size (Skeleton Worker Card)
  • Neutral element.
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