What's Inside of Spring Festival Fashion Chest in Ragnarok Mobile

Spring Festival Fashion Chest is here, it's one of the latest additions in B Coin Store in Recharge Shop. This chest cost 648 BCC and it will only be availble until February 11, 2019.

Opening the chest will give you 1* Spring Festival Fashion Costume Voucher,  1* Spring Festival Fashion Headwear Voucher and 5* Fortune Voucher.

Opening Spring Festival Fashion Costume Voucher will give you different style of Costume. Take note, that all Costume have the same stats like Unlock and Deposit.

Next, opening Spring Festival Fashion Headwear Voucher will give you variety of Headgears. All headgears have the same effect and stats. (All Attributes +2, Ignore M.Def +6%).

Lastly, you can use your 5 Fortune Voucher to purchase  equipments for Head, mouth, back, and tail. 





It's not worth to purchase this Chest, its better to invest it to Valkyrie Chest, which give you 10 gold medals per week for only 60 BCC.

Source: Miss Maven - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eby4TLMsW7k

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