Hand Of God Can create matter and has a strong religious meaning. I wonder what you can make with it? Material
Rose Quartz A woven and interlaced cross-belt made of red fabric. Being a very rare item, it can be used to make high-end headwear. Material
Snowman Cute White Elf. Partly made of special materials, the cute white elves will gather at Gingerbread City and eat the well baked cookies of the adventurer on Christmas Day. Material
Clock Clock made of a nameless Metal. It seems to contain the power of time and can be used to Craft Headwear. Material
Masquerade Blueprint The glasses in the shape of butterflies will bring a magical feeling when they are put on. Blueprint
Burning Heart The heart with the flame seems to be still beating while burning. It is a terrible material. Material
Magma Gemstone Wow, this gem looks as beautiful as a flowing lava! Wow, ah, it’s hot! hot! hot! Material
Fiery Ember Each of us will leave some traces in the world, just like the flames will leave behind the ash, and the burning will be better than the disappearance, isn't it? Material
Glow Metal Precious metal materials used to upgrade rare equipment are obtained by decomposing various rare equipment. Material
Christmas Socks Broken red sock with holes. What kind of presents did it decorate before? Material
Fang Of Garm The sharp teeth of the magic object Karen, the sharpness of the degree is surprising, must be extra careful when storing. Material
Ice Powder With mysterious ice magic, you will spit out cold cold powder, and be careful not to get frostbite. Material
Transformation Scroll (Clown) Scroll/Album
Transformation Scroll (Teddy Bear) Use it to transform into Teddy Bear for a while. Attention! The transform effect will vanish when mounted or dead. This item can't be canceled once unsealed. Scroll/Album
Pinocchio's Nose Blueprint Blueprint
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