Alarm ★

The legend has it that it's a by-product of the Clock Tower Labyrinth creators researching the space-time magic device. Because they used a lot of lost magic, it has a high magic resistance. Most of the Alarms are quiescent and weird, but some of them are particularly offensive.

Basic Information

Level 101
Type Normal
Zone Field
Race Formless
Element Neutral
Size Medium


Atk 2,208
MAtk 513
Def 420
MDef 316
Hp 366,864
Hit 145
Flee 177
Move Speed 45
Atk Speed 0.5
Base Exp 3,905
Job Exp 2,245


Elemental Converter

Wind 100
Fire 100
Water 100
Earth 100
Neutral 100
Holy 100
Shadow 100
Poison 100
Undead 100
Ghost 25

Card Effect

Alarm Card

Main Effect Max HP +300
VIT +1
INT +1
Draw/Loot/Craft Effect Max HP +12
Deposit Effect ATK +7.5, M.ATK +7.5
Slot Footgear
Type Normal

On Maps

Clock Tower 2F
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