Archer Skeleton

Before his death, he was a skilled archer and never missed. After being resurrected, he was training hard. He likes to compete with Orc Archers, Gargoyles and Raydric Archers. He uses one eye to shoot and the accuracy is far ahead...

Basic Information

Level 66
Type Normal
Zone Field
Race Undead
Element Undead
Size Medium


Atk 234
MAtk 135
Def 89
MDef 49
Hp 30,196
Hit 110
Flee 20
Move Speed 75
Atk Speed 0.35
Base Exp 461
Job Exp 269


Elemental Converter

Wind 100
Fire 200
Water 150
Earth 100
Neutral 100
Holy 200
Shadow 25
Poison 25
Undead 25
Ghost 175

Card Effect

Archer Skeleton Card

Main Effect Melee Atk +5%Ranged Atk +10% 
Draw/Loot/Craft Effect Atk +8
Deposit Effect
Slot Weapon
Type Normal

On Maps

Pyramid 2F
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