One of the absolutely strong ones in the wolves. It's very easygoing usually. It's obsessed with fighting and becoming the strongest one. It's looking forward to the emergence of an opponent that matches its fighting power!

Basic Information

Level 84
Type MVP
Zone Field
Race Brute
Element Shadow
Size Large


Atk 2,324
MAtk 1,162
Def 154
MDef 38
Hp 10,152,093
Hit 261
Flee 169
Move Speed 125
Atk Speed 1.5
Base Exp 29,788
Job Exp 11,984


Elemental Converter

Wind 100
Fire 100
Water 100
Earth 100
Neutral 100
Holy 200
Shadow 25
Poison 25
Undead 25
Ghost 75

Card Effect

Atroce Card

Main Effect Auto attack has a 5% chance to trigger amazing speed (Equipment ASPD +20%; this effect lasts 10 seconds)
Draw/Loot/Craft Effect Atk +12
Deposit Effect When Atroce Card: Triggers Haste effect, ATK +50, lasting for 10 seconds
Slot Weapon
Type Normal

On Maps

Payon South
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