Horong ★

The ghost fire of the dead, which will quietly follow the passers-by and launch a sneak attack. Remember: If you find that you are followed by it, please Flee quickly, Otherwise you will be attacked and killed and become the next soul!

Basic Information

Level 62
Type Normal
Zone Field
Race Formless
Element Fire
Size Small


Atk 501
MAtk 206
Def 500
MDef 125
Hp 102,306
Hit 174
Flee 68
Move Speed 35
Atk Speed 0.6
Base Exp 2,115
Job Exp 1,290


Elemental Converter

Wind 100
Fire 25
Water 200
Earth 50
Neutral 100
Holy 100
Shadow 100
Poison 100
Undead 50
Ghost 100

Card Effect

Horong Card

Main Effect Can use Skill - [ Sight] Lv.1
Draw/Loot/Craft Effect M.Def +4
Deposit Effect Max HP +10
Slot Accessory
Type Normal

On Maps

Pyramid 1F
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