Hunter Fly

It is mutated from a fly and has a good attack. Small but powerful, With rich combat experience, it is definitely a veteran of the flies. In addition to buzz, Its pet phrase is, "I am small, but I am very gentle..."

Basic Information

Level 81
Type Normal
Zone Field
Race Insect
Element Wind
Size Small


Atk 463
MAtk 211
Def 327
MDef 68
Hp 80,001
Hit 141
Flee 147
Move Speed 125
Atk Speed 0.67
Base Exp 546
Job Exp 342


Elemental Converter

Wind 25
Fire 100
Water 50
Earth 200
Neutral 100
Holy 100
Shadow 100
Poison 125
Undead 50
Ghost 100

Card Effect

Hunter Fly Card

Main Effect When using physical skills, Caster has 3% chance to restore 2% of Max HP
Draw/Loot/Craft Effect Max HP +24
Deposit Effect When Hunter Fly Card triggers life steal effects, restores extra 1% of Max HP
Slot Weapon
Type Normal

On Maps

Orc Dungeon
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