A creature that inhabits the sunken ship and the seabed. It has the initiative to attack because of the influence of the Yimir dust. Its attack range is large and will not move, but it will entangle the enemy. If you don't want to try to be harassed by tentacles and full of mucus, Avoid it.

Basic Information

Level 23
Type Normal
Zone Field
Race Plant
Element Water
Size Small


Atk 19
MAtk 13
Def 0
MDef 0
Hp 1,206
Hit 23
Flee 20
Move Speed 0
Atk Speed 0.4
Base Exp 149
Job Exp 101


Elemental Converter

Wind 200
Fire 50
Water 25
Earth 100
Neutral 100
Holy 100
Shadow 100
Poison 100
Undead 50
Ghost 100

Card Effect

Hydra Card

Main Effect Dmg to Demi-Human +15%
Draw/Loot/Craft Effect Dmg to Demi-Human +2%
Deposit Effect DMG to demi-human +2%
Slot Weapon
Type Normal

On Maps

Underwater Temple

Underwater Cave

Ghost Ship

Sunken Ship

Payon Cave 1F
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