Orc Zombie

Before his death, He was an ordinary Orc warrior. He was buried underground after he had repeatedly fought in the battlefield. After the resurrection, Although his body has been rotted, with some of his remaining consciousness, He guards the territory belonging to the Orcs. He will have only three words for the invaders - go to hell!

Basic Information

Level 75
Type Normal
Zone Field
Race Undead
Element Undead
Size Medium


Atk 360
MAtk 188
Def 105
MDef 23
Hp 56,426
Hit 135
Flee 36
Move Speed 35
Atk Speed 0.35
Base Exp 511
Job Exp 313


Elemental Converter

Wind 100
Fire 200
Water 150
Earth 100
Neutral 100
Holy 200
Shadow 25
Poison 25
Undead 25
Ghost 175

Card Effect

Orc Zombie Card

Main Effect Undead Dmg Taken -20%
Draw/Loot/Craft Effect Max HP +24
Deposit Effect When equipped with Orc Zombie Card, decreases the ATK of Undead monsters within a certain range by 20%
Slot Garment
Type Normal

On Maps

Orc Dungeon
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