Abysmal Knight Card Damage to Boss monster +10% Weapon
Agav Card M.Atk +5%
When the wearer is a Mage, M.Atk +3%
Max HP +300,
Max SP +150
Alarm Card Max HP +300
VIT +1
INT +1
Alice Card Damage from Boss monsters -15% Shield
Anacondaq Card Dmg to Poison monsters +15% Accessory
Ancient Clock Card Str +2
INT +1
Max HP +1%
Andre Card Atk +10 Weapon
Andre★Card Pen. +3%
Ignores Def +3% when STR or DEX reaches 225
Angeling Card Turn the armor's element into Holy Armor
Anolian Card When suffering Dam, There is a 3% chance to cause: Agi +5, Dex +5; this effect lasts 2 minutes. Armor
Ant Egg Card Max HP +5% Weapon
Anubis Card Angel monsters Dmg Taken -30% Shield
Aqua Elemental Card Water Dmg Taken -15%
Dmg to Water Monsters +5% 
Arc Angeling Card Max HP +10% Headgear
Archer Skeleton Card Melee Atk +5%Ranged Atk +10%  Weapon
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