Glast Heim Hall Baron Evil Quest (Elite Quest) in Ragnarok Mobile

One of the quests that is required in opening the Devil Wing in Creste's Royal Medal shop is Baron Evil. It's one of the Hidden Truth Elite Quest. 

To start, You need to find and click the red candle at the upper left side of Glast Heim Hall, near the portal to trigger the quest.

Gingerbread Christmas Story Quest Answer Medwin Kapp Minstrel

Reaching Level 95 will open all 3 quests from Medwin Kapp, Gingerbread City Bard/Minstrel. He is standing near Amazing Toys Shop near the bridge going to Al De Baran. Out of his 3 quests, only Christmas Story need answers. Follow this guide.

Unlock Job Breakthrough in Ragnarok Mobile

Unlocking Job Breakthrough is important in game because it's one of the requirements for Third Job Class like Warlock, Rune Knight, Royal Guard, Shadow Chaser for incoming game episodes. Currectly the the max job level is 40/40 and unlocking Job Breakthrough can extend your Job Level to 70/70.

Al De Baran Mosman Time Quest Answers to Hannesson Winter Minstrel

Reaching base level 93 will unlock this quest from Hannesson Winter, this Bard is located near Lucky Shop in Al De Baran. Same with other two quest bard quest from him, he will ask you questions before giving the quest.

How to Get Gold Snake Eye in Ragnarok Mobile

Gold Snake Eye is an item used to purchased Weapons from Preto in Al De Baran, near the portal entrance going to Clock Tower. You can buy rare weapons for all jobs in that shop. He has all the variety of Ouroboros weapons that includes; Ouroboros Spear, Ouroboros Sword, Ouroboros Staff, Ouroboros Blade, Ouroboros Katar, Ouroboros Bow, Ouroboros Hammer, Ouroboros Axe, Ouroboros Shield and Ouroboros Boxing Gloves. Each weapon cost 1 Gold Snake Eye.

Get Chocolate Donuts Blueprint in Ragnarok Mobile

Chocolate Donuts is one of the accessories for mouth you can get in the game, it gives better stats than Romantic Flower or Cigarrette.

Clock Tower 2F Repair Clock Quest in Ragnarok Mobile

In this quest Repair Clock, you need to enter the Mysterious Space of Sundial and place the gears in correct order. Consider that the gears are like the hour hand of the clock. You will have to click those gears to pass the test.

Clock Tower 1F Mechanical Heart Quest Find The Real Cat Pirate in Ragnarok Mobile

Another exploration quest you will encounter is finding a Cat Pirate. This quest is given after completing the Sundial and Killing 90 Alarms inside Clock Tower 2F. Your task is to find and the hunt down the real Pirate Cat. If you think its a Cat, then you are wrong. Follow this guide to find the exact loction of this quest.

Clock Tower 2F Sundial Quest Solve 3 Gadgets in Ragnarok Mobile

After finishing the Roger's Trial Quest, Sundial quest in Clock Tower 2F requires you to answer the right position of hour, minute and second hand of the clock. Follow the image for the correct answers.

Lets start opening the lever from MIDDLE, then RIGHT and LEFT.

Clock Tower 2F Roger's Trial Quest in Ragnarok Mobile

Finding Roger's feather bonnet inside Clock Tower 2F is easy, follow this guide to to find the exact location of quest.

Al De Baran Black Hole's Threat Quest Collect Time Shards in Ragnarok Mobile

Like Rebuild Homeland quest in Al De Baran, Black Hole's Threat quest cannot be completed in a single day. This quest required you to complete Black Hole tasks and you need to collect 20 Time Shards. This shards can be obtained by clearing sub quests in Al De Baran. Sub quest resets everyday. Talk to Jocelyn, Cecelia, Carol and Cindy NPCs around Clock Tower entrance.

Al De Baran Legend of the Werewolf Quest Answer Hannesson Winter Minstrel

Hannesson Winter, Bard in Al De Baran will ask you questions to answer in order for him to give you the quest. Here are full list of questions and answers for this quest.

Where to Farm Food Material Recipes in Ragnarok Mobile

Running out of Recipes for your food? Or you reach your daily purchase limit? No worries, here  we will list all the monsters that drops recipes. 

Only those Rare Food Materials have purchase limit. Take note that Adventurer Rank F is required to buy Rare Food Material.

Al De Baran Rebuild Homeland Quest in Ragnarok Mobile

Completing Homeland Defense tasks and collecting Guardian Medals is your job to finish this quest. The quest will send you to collect 9 Guardian Medals. You need to take 3 side quests to recieve medals and you can only get 3 medals per day, quest resets every day. 

Polluted River Quest in Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

First part of Polluted River quest is to find the Secret Chamber Treasure Chest inside Clock Tower B1. The said chest is near the statue of a man with the big sword. Follow the circle in map for exact location.

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